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Accent Modification

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Build Relationships

Building trust and rapport requires considering the professional and personal roles of the individuals involved. Learn the English speech and language skills to project the professional identities you need to meet your goals. 

Participate Fully

Leading, educating, mentoring, counseling, negotiating, debating and brain storming are but a few of the activities where effective use of language is essential. Identify your roles and focus on your spoken and written language needs.

Master Your Message

Structure information and present ideas clearly. Learn to work from the top-down in selecting and arranging your ideas and from the bottom-up with choice of proper wording and phrasing. 

Services Offered

Spoken communication is a multidimensional phenomenon.

Solutions for any particular professional may involve focused  work on just one or any combination of multiple areas below.

Accent Modification

​Improve your pronunciation with expert instruction in the various components of English speech. Achieving clear, easily understood pronunciation in English requires skills in perceiving and using the sound system. However, a variety of English stress patterns play a governing role in sound-level pronunciation. Intonation patterns further contribute to clear communication by conveying speaker intentions, politeness and seriousness. Become educated about and develop those learner characteristics that predict best outcomes and change your English speaking habits!​

English Language Learning

Further enhance your ability to be easily understood by focused instruction in English wording and phrasing. Difficulties in wording and phrasing are significant contributors to perceptions of fluency and listener burden.

The approach and materials used are informed by the most recent advances in research in the areas of applied Cognitive Linguistics, English as a Foreign/Second Language Acquisition; and speech-language therapy in addition to 20 years of experience serving the speech and language needs of multilingual and culturally diverse individuals.

Presentation & Voice Coaching

Learn to effectively develop, organize and present information critical to your success. 

Sources ranging from classical rhetoric to modern theories of argumentation, narrative and discourse are drawn upon to assist our clients in presenting information and engaging in discussions that highlight their expertise and talents.

Experienced in assisting professionals and students from the medical, academic, scientific, business and legal professions.

Harness the power of your voice and resonance to project and speak in a lively and engaging manner.

Communication Disability Workplace Consulting

Attempting to reduce the impact of communicative disabilities on employment activities often involves a combination of education, restorative and compensatory  technologies, techniques and strategies. Proper assessment of roles, responsibilities and work-related tasks are essential. 

Dr. Joseph Agan’s 20 years of experience working with clients with developmental and acquired disabilities involving communication, hearing loss, speech, language, attention and memory issues benefits all his clients. Many of the same rehabilitative principles and compensatory techniques greatly facilitate new learning and effective communication in those learning English as a foreign language.

Inspiration & Philosophy

Métis Speech Solutions was founded in 2016 by Joseph Agan, Ph.D, CCC-SLP to provide services to assist non-native English speakers and individuals with communication disorders in pursuing career and professionals goals. The word métis comes from the greek notion of cunning intelligence inspired by his admiration of the perseverance and ingenuity displayed by his clients over the years.

Joseph is an ASHA certified and licensed speech-language pathologist  in the state of Arkansas with experience working in medical, private practice and university settings. Several formative experiences have shaped his approach.

He learned a second language (Spanish) as a young adult. An urgent need to learn combined with a love for languages propelled him along a path paved with confusion, embarrassments, challenges and rewards. He has also worked in communicatively demanding professional environments (i.e., pharmaceutical research; medical and academic settings) alongside many talented and motivated non-native English speakers. He understands many of the challenges confronting non-native English speakers in these settings.

Session Information

The number of sessions will vary with individual needs and goals. You are not locked into a fixed number of sessions. Your needs may change and Métis Speech Solutions wants to be there for you when you can most benefit from our services without fear of a costly commitment or inflexible time frame.


Métis Speech Solutions serves individuals in Northwest Arkansas. Services can be provided onsite or at private residences and other suitable locations by arrangement.


Mon-Thurs:  6:30pm-9:30pm

Fri: 8:00am-6:00pm

Sat: 9:00am-6:00pm

Sun: 12:00pm-6:00pm





Individual Sessions: $80.00/hour

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